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  The word "Service" in "Internet Service Provider" is our mission Green Light
statement.  Being in business since 1996 has allowed us to realize that we are really part of (and in some cases the largest part of) our customers' IT team.

We know from personal experience that support representatives who pass the buck with their technical support tickets make for frustrating "ticket ping pong" experiences that can stretch on for days.  We strive to hit the nail on the head.  We also try to avoid the three most common complaints about IT support staff:  Impatience, jargon, and arrogance.
We provide premium connectivity and high availability.  We are located in the Carrier Center Los Angeles building, where our servers are connected to Level3, AT&T, XO, Savvis, MZIMA, Cogent, and Xeex telecommunications carriers in a redundant mix of internet connectivity on gigabit Internet backbone fiber.  Your customers will also see your web site via the fastest route available to them of the seven available routes.

Many of the nation's largest internet providers connect routers to each other in our building's "meet me" room.  Virtually all the others are cross-connected one half block down the street.  Load our example customer web sites into your browser to get an idea of the speed that we offer, comparing them to other web sites on the Internet.

You can count on fault tolerance, speedy web site and email response times, time saving control panels, 24 x 7 x 365 server monitoring, standby backup power generators, industrial strength air conditioning, security guards and key card physical access security, and high network and server uptime.

Savings on repeat hosting accounts.  Ask about our deals on referrals and repeat business.

  Many of our customers choose to register their domain names through us so that they have only one company to deal with regarding customer and technical support for their web and email hosting as well as their domain name registration.